Cooking in the Curriculum

Cooking in the Curriculum

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Practical cooking is now part of the compulsory Design and Technology curriculum for all pupils up to and including year 9. The focus will be on cooking nutritious, savoury dishes & understanding where food comes from. See here for the D&T curriculum and to find out what children should know about food at what age check out the  Core Competencies KS1 & 2 or KS3 

This is a fantastic result for pupils as they will have the opportunity to learn the skills they need to feed themselves and others in a healthy, economical way. It will also help develop children's tastes, hopefully impacting on their diet in a positive way. A definate move away from just baking cakes and decorating biscuits.

The Health & Wellbeing service offer a fantastic  training course and bespoke in school sessions designed for teachers and other school staff to help implement this change. This includes advice on the new statutory requirements, what resources to get, lesson planning, cooking equipment,  and crucially,  the skills and confidence teachers need so they can teach cooking skills to children of all ages:

  • The importance of cooking
  • Cross Curriculum Links          
  • Lesson Planning and Prep
  • What skills to teach at what age     
  • Teaching knife skills to all ages
  • Skill progression
  • Healthy, savoury nutritious recipes
  • How to involve all staff i.e kitchen staff.
  • What resources and time are expected and required

See our training pages for available dates or contact the team to enquire about bespoke sessions

Pictures of training days and resources: