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19 October 2022 15:30 | Course type: Twilight | Audience: Teachers, support staff and frontline professionals.

Suitable for staff from all phases.

Supporting schools to minimise bias associated with weight in adults and children.

This virtual bitesize session will aim to raise awareness of some of the issues associated with being above a healthy weight, in relation to stigma and bias. Weight stigma refers to discriminatory acts and ideologies targeted towards individuals because of their weight and size.


Throughout this event we will explore some of the concerns and challenges experienced for individuals associated with their weight. We also consider how to approach or raise the issue in a sensitive way.

Overweight is a complex issue and can be caused by interactions of influencing factors, not merely the consequence of poor choices; biological, genetic, social and environmental factors play a significant role in the causation of obesity.

The session will explore the importance of not placing blame on child or parent; negative attitudes can cause harm to mental and physical health, as well as break down trust. We will also gain skills of how to support families with their weight in a supportive and cohesive way.


Health & Wellbeing Team

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