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02 March 2023 15:30 | Course type: Twilight | Audience: Teachers, support staff and frontline professionals

The aim of this session is to help break down the stigma, dispel the myths and support those who may come into contact with children and young people affected by self-harm. The session will be delivered by Jenny Groves, CEO of Battle Scars.


Battle Scars is a small,100% survivor-led charity offering local, regional, national as well as international support around self-harm. They help those who struggle with self-harm and their families, as well as offering training for professionals, by running easy-to-access peer support groups, with a similar group for their families.

Self-harm is a widespread, complex, and often hidden issue. The stigma attached to it means that there are a lot of myths surrounding the issue. This short, highly interactive information and awareness raising session will be delivered by the Battle Scars CEO, Jenny Groves, who has lived experience of using self-harm but is also a parent of a child who did.

In her own words this serious issue will not be “sugar coated” and delegates will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions and take part in a quiz.

Safety warning: Please be mindful that this session discusses issues that can raise emotional responses so we encourage delegates to be mindful of their own self-care. There will be a Youth Mental Health First Aid Instructor available after the session if any delegates require support.


Health & Wellbeing Team

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There is no cost for any school to attend this session.

This session is primarily aimed at teachers and support staff who work with young people in years 5,6,7 and 8, bridging the transition to high school, however the principles covered apply more widely and we welcome staff from any year group.

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