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07 July 2023 10:00 | Course type: Half day | Audience: Reception and KS1 staff or phase leaders and two pupils per school/staff member

An exciting event for both staff and pupils together. Find out about a new sensory food education programme for Key Stage 1 and Reception pupils.

We are delighted to work in partnership with the Flavour School and Leeds University to bring you this innovative event. This event is for up to two members of staff from one school with 2 pupils per staff member.

Flavour School is a programme of sensory food education lessons for children. The programme is designed for Reception and Key Stage 1, but the programme can be adapted for all age groups (including pre-school), settings (e.g. after-school clubs) and abilities. It can be delivered using minimal resources.

Flavour School is all about exploring food and flavour through the five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. The programme provides fun and simple ways for children to learn about each of their senses and how they affect our eating experiences. It also helps children to develop vocabulary to express their experiences and preferences.


We invite members of school staff from Key Stage 1 and Foundation to bring two pupils along to be part of this event and find out how to deliver the Flavour School curriculum first hand. You will have the opportunity to experience a sample of the lessons and accompanying activities to increase children’s curiosity, confidence and willingness to try new foods.

The ultimate goal is to empower children to have a positive relationship with food and eating. The focus is on helping children to better understand their eating experiences, and to approach new foods on their own terms, so they can be more confident and discerning eaters, and more willing to explore and enjoy a wider range of foods and flavours.


Health & Wellbeing Team

Booking information

Up to 2 members of staff from one school can attend with 2 pupils per staff member. Please book both members of staff onto the event separately - a buy one get one free discount will be applied.

Health & Wellbeing Service Level Agreement (SLA) credit value = 1 credit.

Cost: £130 per booking (2 staff + 4 pupils).

Schools with a current Health & Wellbeing SLA may be entitled to pre-paid places subject to sufficient available training credits. The full 'pay as you go' price will be applied if you have insufficient training credits.

For further information please contact

Please note that all face to face training will be delivered in line with current Covid-19 guidelines and as such may be subject to change.

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