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24 January 2023 09:30 | Course type: Half day | Audience: Pastoral staff, teachers and frontline professionals working with children and families.

How to sensitively support your pupils to have healthier teeth and maintain a healthy weight, supporting delivery of the Health Education Curriculum.

Working in partnership with Leeds Oral Health Team, this event will explore two key issues that are affecting the wellbeing of children and young people in Leeds.

The pandemic has had an impact on children’s health in many ways.
- Among reception-aged children, those aged four and five, the rates of obesity rose from 9.9% in 2019-20 to 14.4% in 2020-21.
- By the time they are aged 10 or 11, more than a quarter are obese. In just 12 months, the rate is up from 21% in 2019-20 to 25.5% in 2020-21.


This event will explore how your school can support children and families to change their health behaviours and ensure your school is creating a health promoting environment. Similar approaches and health messages can be used to support children to look after their teeth and also their weight. A reduction in consumption of sugary food and drinks will promote better health for both of these health issues.

You will understand the associated health risks and impacts of poor oral health and weight for children, both on physical and mental health.

This course will also support your school to deliver aspects of the primary Health Education Curriculum. In the Health Eating section, it states, pupils should know how to maintain healthy eating and the links between a poor diet and health risks, including tooth decay and cancer.

This course will support you to have meaningful and sensitive conversations around weight status and oral health with parents and children. Finding the right opportunity and building relationships is key to working with parents and families when it comes to their children’s health, behaviours, emotional wellbeing and academic achievements.

There will be opportunities to practice skills and approaches for raising these issues with families in a sensitive and supportive way. We will also be joined by an expert guest speaker from the Oral Health Team who will cover key message for keeping teeth healthy including toothbrushing, visiting the dentist and reducing the risk of tooth decay.


Siobhan Jennings

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Cost: £130 per delegate

Schools with a current Health & Wellbeing SLA may be entitled to pre-paid places subject to sufficient available training credits (1 credit). The full 'pay as you go' price will be applied if you have insufficient training credits.

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