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16 July 2021

Send me a pic? is a brand new Thinkuknow education resource on the consensual and non-consensual sharing of nude images among young people. It's designed for use with young people aged 11-14 in Key Stage 3.

Send me a pic? has been developed in response to learning from their Digital Romance (2017) research into young people’s relationships online, and through extensive collaboration with young people across the UK.

The resource pack contains three sessions plans based on short film clips. Each clip shows a fictional online chat where young people request, receive and discuss issues related to nude images.

Send me a pic? has been awarded the PSHE Association Quality Mark, demonstrating that it supports safe and effective teaching practice and meets the PSHE Association’s ‘Ten principles of effective PSHE education’.

Visit the Thinkuknow website to download the resource for free.

The three sessions cover the following topics:
Session 1 –   Identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships,
Session 2 –  Nudes in relationships,
Session 3 –  When nudes get shared around.

The theme and learning outcomes for each session are informed by the latest research, intelligence from the NCA, input from academic specialists, and extensive engagement with young people themselves.