February PSHE Newsletter

School Food:

This is a busy time for school food and there are changes happening all the time. As a city, Leeds is currently working towards all Primary schools can implement universal free school meals for Reception and KS1 children. Our service is working with caterers, head teachers, finance and councillor to ensure schools have all the support and information they need.

We are also supporting schools in Leeds to get ready for cooking in the curriculum and have two training courses available currently for getting ready for cooking in the curriculum which will be taking place at The Cooking School in Halifax on the 26th and 27th march. For more information or to book a place please go to   

My Health, My School Survey:

This year the Health & Wellbeing Service have developed a new health behaviour survey to continue the legacy of collecting school health data as the Growing Up in Leeds Survey (GUILS; previously known as the Every Child Matters Survey) is not going to be available this academic year. The new survey (My Health, My School Survey) is available to all Year 5,6,7,9 and 11 pupils and will go live in February 2014.

The new survey has undergone some improvements including a reduction in the number of questions available to pupils. The survey will continue to offer schools a FREE and efficient way of gathering pupil views. The results will hopefully provide schools' with data identifying strengths and areas for development to help the school improvement process, providing excellent inspection preparation and helping to improve pupil outcomes.  

If you would like to download last year's (2012/13) GUIL Survey results please contact the Children’s Performance Service by email:

Please note, these results will only be available until the END of MARCH 2014

If you would like further information on how to participate in this year’s My Health, My School Survey please contact:

Upcoming PSHE Training Courses:

-       Review and update your Primary PSHE, SRE and Drug Education Policy – 12th March (half day)

-       Leading and managing PSHE (primary & secondary) – 27th March (full day)

-       Key Stage 1/2 Drug Education: ‘RORY’ a storybook to help children understand parental alcohol misuse. Primary School alcohol resource – 3rd April (full day)

-       Delivering primary SRE with confidence – 30th April (full day)

To book a place on these or see the rest of the PSHE Training this year go

Leeds Childhood Obesity Forum:

Healthy Weight Leeds: key skills and strategies to support families

Thursday 27th March 2014

1pm - 4pm

The Carriageworks Theatre, The Electric Press, 3 Millennium Square, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 3AD

The Children and Families Public Health Team look forward to welcoming you to the fifth which will support frontline staff to develop key skills and strategies to promote healthy eating with children and families. 

The forum will include:

Tools & resources such as the Eat Well Plate, snack swapper

Raising awareness about the Universal offer of Free School meals to Reception and KS1 and what can be done to promote this offer

Case studies about successful interventions around food

Practicing planning a healthy meal with a family

This session is designed for:

-       those who work in schools

-       frontline practitioners working with children and families in any capacity

-       those who manage frontline services

-       people involved in out of schools activities/extended services, sports etc

Attendees at this free event will be offered an opportunity to share local evidence on what works, explore options for support and signposting and much more.

BOOK NOW by emailing Ben Foord with the following information: Name/organisation/job title/ email address/telephone number.

Child Protection Assemblies linked in with fundraising in schools.

An intensively trained NSPCC schools organiser delivering educational, informative and inspirational assemblies. Our suite of presentations has been tailored to suit child audiences spanning Early Years, KS1, KS2 & KS3. The children and young people hear vital information for their personal safety and well-being and are made aware of who they should turn to if they are suffering from cruelty or abuse. 

Please contact Gwen Shackleton on 0779077519 or 01924 255187 or if you wu0uld like to discuss this further or find out more information.

Go to for lots of useful, free resources!

The BLAST Project:

THINK AGAIN Sexual Exploitation Awareness Programme.

The BLAST Project is the UK’s leading male only sexual exploitation project and provides a variety of services including the specialist ‘THINK AGAIN’ sexual exploitation awareness programme.
Since 2003 awareness sessions have been delivered to thousands of boys and young men in various educational, youth, residential and secure settings across Leeds and Bradford.
Difficult issues are highlighted and it is often easier for both the young people and the professionals, if the sessions are delivered by an external organisation that specialises in these areas.
The sessions are very interactive, and open discussion is encouraged. We also use the BLAST Project’s specialist DVD; ‘THINK AGAIN’ containing three short films highlighting the different ways in which boys and young men can be groomed and sexually exploited.
We deliver sessions to groups of boys and young men aged 11- 17 in groups and assemblies.
Each session lasting up to 60 minutes costs £50. If your organisation's annual income is less than £10,000 these sessions are free of charge. For more information please contact Diane Halford on:

0113 2444209

Twitter: @theblastproject

Facebook: /blastproject

YouTube: theblastproject

The Public Health Resource Centre (PHRC):

The PHRC offers support to anyone in Leeds with a responsibility or professional interest in public health or promoting health and well-being.

The PHRC aims to provide the best possible information, resources and services, to help improve the health of people in Leeds and beyond.

The Market Place:

Provides free information, support and counselling for young people in Leeds and having successfully run three groups already we are pleased to announce we are now taking new referrals for further groups as part of our Right 2B Safe work.  We offer 2 groups one for young women and one for young men. Both follow a 12 week programme supporting young people’s general mental health and wellbeing, self- esteem, anger, confidence and also focus on particular issues that the young people identify wanting support with such as self- harm.

The Young Men’s group is on a Friday afternoon 4.15pm -6.15pm

 The Young Women’s Group in on a Tuesday afternoon 4.15pm -6.15pm

Bus fares will be reimbursed  (equivalent to a day rider)

Refreshments provided

We are taking referrals now with a view to starting the group in March 2014.

If you are working with anyone you think would be interested or benefit from attending these groups please ring 0113 246 1659 and speak to Andrew, Mandy or Hannah for further information or to book the young person in for an appointment to meet one to one with a worker so we can explain more about what the group is and give them an opportunity to say what is going on for them.

Smokeless and Niche Tobacco:

West Yorkshire Trading Standards is working in partnership with Leeds Community Healthcare Trust and Leeds City Council to raise awareness about the harms of Smokeless and Niche Tobacco.  The project has been extended for a further 12 months and has been shortlisted for the nationally recognised LGC Award.  In the first year, the project has been delivered to over 500 professionals, more than 800 members of the community and to over 2500 school children, (Primary and Secondary).  The information delivered, addresses different types of tobacco, how they are used and the sessions also involve myth busting in order to raise awareness of the health impacts these products can have.

For more details or information please contact:

Safina Sher ( Project Worker (Smokeless and Niche Tobacco) on or call 0113 393 9805 or visit

One Day Creative Education (private provider):

We aim to connect children and learning, with creativity, imagination and fun! We provide a wide range of One Day Drama, Dance, Music & Fitness workshops, offering a fresh and forward-thinking approach that enriches the curriculum and complements classroom teaching. Some of the PSHE-based topics we cover are Healthy Living, Anti-Bullying, Road Safety and our most popular projects at present address E-Safety & Cyber-Bullying issues. We believe that children learn best when they are actively participating, so whether it’s through drama, dance or play - our aim is to engage children with important issues, so that they learn effortlessly whilst having fun. Many of our projects also extend out to parents and the rest of the school, involving everyone in that overall learning experience. 

For details on prices and further information go to:   

Next PSHE network meeting:

Date: Thursday 24th April 2014

Time: 15.30 – 17.30

Venue: Adams Court, Boardroom

Please click on the link below to book yourself on. Please note that there is no charge to attend this meeting, and doesn’t affect the SLA package that your school may have purchased.

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