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Veg Rocks Rainbow Challenge!

As part of the Healthy Holidays program this summer, FoodWise Leeds has launched the #VegRockRAINBOW challenge to encourage families to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables. Please share with your parents, carers and pupils!


Why eat a Rainbow?

Eating a variety of types and colours of fruit and vegetables helps your body to get the right mix of vitamins and minerals to grow and maintain a strong immune system. No single fruit or vegetable contains all the nutrients your body needs, so we aim to eat a rainbow colours.

How to enter

  • Download the #VegRockRainbow image, get a copy from your local Healthy Holiday project or draw your own rainbow
  • Every time you eat a different coloured fruit or vegetable, colour in the corresponding stripe on the rainbow. If you eat some peas you could draw some green peas in the stripe or colour in the stripe green. Be creative!
  • You can complete the rainbow in one meal, one day or one week!
  • Once you’ve completed your rainbow, take a photo and share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #VegRocksRainbow and tag @foodwiseleeds and put it up in your front window for others to see & join in!
  • If you don’t have access to social media, ask your local Healthy Holiday project to share for you

Win prizes!

The #VegRocksRainbow challenge runs until Friday 28 August. Winners will be chosen from the rainbows posted on social media. PRIZES incFoodWise Leeds has launched the #VegRockRAINBOW challenge to encourage families to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.lude shopping vouchers, vegboxes delivered to your home & recipe books!


Have fun this summer eating the rainbow and posting your completed #VegRocksRainbow on social media to win prizes!


TikTok Challenge

DAZL Leeds have created this fun #VegRocksRainbow TikTok dance! Join Chloe and learn the dance!

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Covid-19 - Resources

Firstly may we say THANK YOU to everyone who is working hard during this time to keep children and young people happy, learning, laughing, active and calm at this time of great uncertainty!

We are keen to share tools and resources as best we can, to support children’s wellbeing and education over this period of uncertainty. With this in mind, we have produced a range of advice and free resources for schools, as well as resources for parents/carers in your school.

These resources are updated every week so please check them on a regular basis.

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