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Anti-Bullying Week Primary Toolkit: Mentally Healthy Schools

Ahead of Anti-Bullying Week (11-15 November), Mentally Healthy Schools have put together a free toolkit packed with activity ideas, lessons plans, videos and much more to help start conversations in your primary school about preventing and tackling bullying. These practical resources also provide tips and guidance for school leaders and staff on how to empower pupils who witness bullying, to support those children who bully, and are bullied, and to make sure anti-bullying policies are effective. 

Did you know, the main reason why children under 11 contact Childline is because of bullying? While bullying can take place anywhere, children with mental health problems are more than twice as likely, than those without, to be bullied online.  

Niki Cooper, Clinical Director at Place2Be, says: “Children who are being bullied don’t necessarily look fragile or in need. They may seem moody or rude or annoying. It’s important to look behind the behaviour and really listen when young children tell us they are being bullied. If we don’t pick it up early and help young children to feel heard and safe in school, we are increasing their risk of developing mental health difficulties further down the line.” 

Click here to download the toolkit.

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