Promoting positive relationships in schools and communities

AGENDA is a free online toolkit developed with young people, for young people. It offers practitioners creative ways to:

  • empower children to explore and express what matters to them
  • support young people’s right to speak out and engage as active citizens with issues they care about
  • safely and creatively challenge gender inequalities and oppressive gender norms.

AGENDA is based on principles of equality, inclusivity, children’s rights and social justice. It tackles the causes and consequences of violence against girls and women, homophobia and transphobia. It can be used to support the delivery of relationships and sexuality education and is available in English and Welsh.

In 2015, when the Violence against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Act was passed, the Welsh Government worked with Welsh Women’s Aid to publish guidance for education practitioners on how to promote gender wellbeing and gender equalities for respectful relationships (Welsh Government, 2015).

A key part of this practitioner guidance encourages young people to actively start up or get involved in local and global campaigns to stop gender-based and sexual violence in their schools and communities.

To support young people, the NSPCC worked with Cardiff University, Welsh Women’s Aid, the Children’s Commissioner for Wales and the Welsh Government to produce AGENDA.

In 2019, they published Primary AGENDA to help empower younger children (aged 7-11) to make positive relationships matter in their schools and communities.

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