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Leeds City Council Staff Wellbeing Survey coming soon

The Health & Wellbeing Service in collaboration with the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Team and the Governors Support Service have jointly developed a staff wellbeing survey to support schools to gain a local understanding of staff wellbeing and resilience and provide some steer towards understanding staff retention & recruitment in the teaching profession across the city.  This online survey will soon be freely available to schools with an SLA with either of these 3 services.  This survey aims to gather research on the wellbeing of school staff measuring workplace satisfaction, identifying work-related barriers to wellbeing and canvassing suggestions to improve staff wellbeing within schools. More information will be emailed to schools soon.

The accompanying booklet ‘Wellbeing in Schools’ provides a directory identifying local support, guidance and help available to help manage and improve wellbeing.

CLICK HERE to download the Wellbeing in Schools booklet

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