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Improving Oral Health in Leeds

Supervised Tooth Brushing Scheme

- We have free available spaces for the supervised tooth brushing scheme.
- Children brush their teeth in the school or early years setting once a day for 2 minutes under supervision.
- Tooth brushes, racks and tooth paste are funded by Leeds City Council and provided by the Oral Health Improvement Team.
- Training to run the scheme is provided.
- Quality assurance visits will also be made twice a year.

What is the scheme all about?

The scheme is aimed at targeted primary schools and children centres around Leeds. The aim of the scheme is to develop a daily routine that will grow with the children.

The scheme would involve the staff of each class supervising the children brushing their teeth for 2 minutes, which is easily achieved by the child spitting into a piece of tissue paper and putting it straight into the general waste bin, and evidence base support spitting and not rinsing.

For more information download this leaflet

If you have any further questions please contact the Oral Health Improvement Team

Oral Health Improvement Team Armley Moor Health Centre, 95 Town Street, Armley, Leeds. LS12 3HD

Telephone: 0113 843 0387 Fax: 0113 843 0391

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