‘The Adoptables’ from Coram Life Education gains PSHE Association Quality Mark

The Adoptables Toolkit is a free resource for KS2 & KS3 that enables students to understand the issues faced by adopted children and young people at school. It will also increase staff awareness of behavioural issues that can affect young people from the care system.
The package for schools includes lesson plans, teachers’ guidance, films and activities all clearly linked to PSHE Association Programme of Study learning opportunities. The toolkit is also designed to support and enrich a school's values, and help children to empathise with others and respect diversity.

The PSHE Association’s Subject Specialist Lucy Marcovitch says:
"This is an accessible, easy-to-use resource which deals sensitively with the issue of adoption. As part of a planned, progressive PSHE programme, it can help develop pupils' empathy and awareness of adopted children and young people, including the challenges they may have faced. It would be a valuable addition to any school wanting to extend pupils' learning about relationships, and about difference and diversity within families and the community. The KS3 toolkit has the additional benefit of lesson delivery by an adopted young 'ambassador', if appropriate."


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