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Impact of Cyberbullying on Children's Mental Health

An inquiry by The Children's Society, YoungMinds and MP Alex Chalk has shown that:

  • In total, 39% of young people reported having personal experience of online bullying in their lifetime, in contrast to 49% who reported experience of off-line bullying.
  • 27% of young people reported personal experience of online bullying within the last year.
  • In total, 60% of young people reported having seen somebody be harassed or bullied online.
  • An overwhelming majority of young people surveyed (83%) said that social media companies should do more to tackle cyberbullying on social media, whilst only 6% of young people disagreed with this.

The inquiry makes several recommendations for government and social media companies including:

  1. The Government should improve accountability by requiring social media companies to publish data about their response to reports of online bullying
  2. Social media companies should prioritise the promotion of children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing across their platforms
  3. The Government should commission additional research into the scale of online bullying, and its impact on children and young people
  4. The Government should put children’s experiences at the heart of internet safety policy development


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