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Oral Health Training

Oral Health Training - Children and Young People’s Workforce

The purpose of the training is to equip your staff with updated oral health messages to share with your colleagues, service users, family and children. To see the full list of current training dates please CLICK HERE

A nominated champion from your team will attend training, who can then share what they have learnt at the session with other people.

Key topics which will be discussed include:
Key oral health messages
Effective tooth brushing
Update knowledge of the Diseases in the mouth
Visiting the dentist
Access to fluoride varnish for children
Maintaining children’s oral health

If you are interested in any of our training sessions or would like more information, please contact us at:
Oral Health Development Team
Armley Moor Health Centre, 95 Town Street, LS12 3HD
0113 843 0387

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