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Making School Dinners Compulsory!

At London’s Vegetable Summit in London’s City Hall, children’s health became the topic of conversation as Food Poverty Campaigner, Kathleen Kerridge spoke about how school dinners should be compulsory for all students. She mentions that parents should not be responsible for feeding their child whilst they are at school, as children could be envious of each other’s packed lunches.  By making school meals compulsory it would potentially assist family that are feeding a family on a tight budget and ensuring that children get a free, balanced and nutritional meal each day.  

“If parents or children really want a packet of crisps or a chocolate bar every day, they can have that at home whilst having a healthy meal at school”.

It is important to look at your own school meal take up and as a minimum check that all pupils eligible for a Free School Meal are claiming their entitlement.

You should investigate the barriers for pupils and families to choose a school meal.  By doing this you will be able to put steps in place to attempt to increase this number, thus, ensuring vulnerable children are receiving at least one nutritious and balanced meal a day.


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