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Leeds Childhood Obesity Levels Fall While other Regions Rise

An article published in the Yorkshire evening post provides figures from NHS Digital regarding the changes in obesity amongst children in Reception classes and year 6.  Both year groups have seen a reduction in obesity since last year, with year 6 dropping from 20.4% to 19.1% and reception from 8.7% to 8.6%. 

Within Leeds, schools have played an important role in attempting to reduce obesity among children of primary school age by following the School Food Standards.  The standards promote the balance of starchy food, fruit and vegetables, dairy, proteins and healthy drinks as part of their each meal provided by the school.  By following the School Food Standards, not only do the children get a balanced diet, it also increases the intake of nutrients required for growth and development which may not be in any other meals they eat throughout the day.

Although Leeds is now below the National average, there is still work with the Government and other local council’s lower the figure on a larger scale over the coming year.

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