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Derm time comes to schools!

Michael Willcocks is the man behind a new initiative called School Derm Time that aims to assist schools in helping teens with skin problems. Here he explains why schools need to do more in this area.


Having a spotty face is often seen as just another part of being a teenager. But for some young people, the problem is more serious − the state of their skin begins to control every aspect of their life.

Skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema can affect a student’s ability to fulfil their academic potential, to socialise, to go on school trips or to participate in sport. It can even determine their overall attendance at school. Despite these serious emotional side effects, it is extremely rare for teenagers to proactively express their anxieties over their skin.

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This guide highlights the true impact on emotional wellbeing for many teenagers and explains how, simply by raising the subject, it will help enormously.




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