PSHE Bulletin May 2015

Health & Wellbeing Service update:



Planning for Finance Education in school , Thursday 11 June, 9.15 am – 3.30pm 

School Health Fairs - resources and materials

Are you planning a health fair? The Public Health Resource Centre can offer a range of resources and promotion material for all schools (primary and secondary) in Leeds. Please contact the centre on: enquiry Desk: 0113 22 43174, , E:   website:    

Blast   - free information stall for parents/ carers

Do you have a Parents Evening coming up? Why not invite the BLAST Project to hold a stall which can provide parents and carers with information, contact details and resources regarding how they can help keep their children safe online and in the real world. This would be a free stall and would provide parents/carers with useful information and practical tools on what they can do to keep their children safe. With lots in the news regarding child sexual exploitation and online safety this is a perfect opportunity to work in partnership with an existing service to help equip large numbers of parents with knowledge, tools and information that can help them to keep their children safe.

 For details please contact Phil on 07921 372896 or email

Opportunity to be involved in developing and piloting innovative PSHE resources

The PSHE association are pleased to have been awarded a grant by the Department for Education to improve the quality of ‘character education’ through PSHE education in schools across the country.
Under this grant, they will be piloting a suite of resources for schools working with key stages 1-4, focused on the development of ‘character’ skills and attributes (such as perseverance, resilience, motivation, community spirit, tolerance, empathy and respect). They are therefore seeking 10 schools to be involved in the pilot process, helping them to develop the resources through involvement in the project steering group and piloting the resources in the spring term of 2015-16.
Further details on the pilot can be downloaded here. The further details document includes a link to the initial expression of interest form we are requesting that schools fill in by 9am on 26 May.
Please send any questions to

 PSHE Association Character Education Pilot Programme.pdf

 Body & Soul - UK HIV organisation- youth education project called ‘Life in my Shoes’.

Body & Soul have recently been commissioned by James Tudor Foundation to deliver free HIV sessions to schools in the UK’s most HIV prevalent regions. This is in response to a recent survey of young people in the UK around HIV knowledge and awareness. Leeds is on our list of regions to reach. The free workshops will be available until the end of December 2015.   Please click here for the flyer and short summary of the session.  

 HIV workshops

  • The workshops are 1 hour ( or extended up to 90 minutes) and designed to cover the basics around HIV, transmission, treatment and prevention.
  • The second half of the session focusses on the social side of HIV, exploring themes of stigma, discrimination, empathy, healthy relationships and self-esteem.  
  • The workshop has been designed to supplement current KS3-4 and 6th form SRE, PSHE and Citizenship programmes of study.
  • Lessons can be delivered to single classes or whole year groups.
  • All the resources are designed and based on true stories of young people living with HIV here in the UK who attend Body & Soul Charity ( )
  • Here is a link to the 25 min resource film; Undefeated: (cert 15) -!undefeated  

to book the free session please contact Emily on

Leeds City Region  

With over 100 resources on their website that have been developed to give labour market information to address the future skills gap in our economy.  Watch videos about people working in different job sectors in Leeds City Region   please click here for more information and an overview.

Dental Playbox  - vacancy

A Dental Playbox Facilitator is required to deliver structured play sessions using the Dental Playbox to children from the age of 2 upwards within Early Years and schools settings. The sessions enable children to understand the importance of cleaning their teeth and visiting the dentist, helping them to remove/reduce any fears that they may have. Please click here for more information about the vacancy.

Leeds Community Healthcare - community Dental Team video

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s (LCH) community dental team have created a catchy cover of Meghan Trainor’s ‘All About That Bass’ track with a rewritten version called ‘All About That Paste’.

Leeds Sexual Health - Free condoms 

Secondary schools across Leeds are entitled to up to 2 free boxes of condoms per year for use in condom demonstrations during SRE. The Sexual Health Team also offer a free half an hour session on delivering effective condom demonstrations to young people. Condoms can be ordered and collected from the Public Health Resource Centre (Technorth, Harrogate Road) Demonstrations can be requested by contacting OR

How Adolescents Understand Relationship Violence, School of Psychology, University of Leeds.

We’re looking for schools with particularly high or low indices of deprivation to take part in our exciting research exploring how adolescents (aged 15-18) understand relationship violence. In 2013 the UK government widened their working definition of relationship violence to include adolescents aged 16 and 17 as well as adults. Although a positive step adolescents understanding is different to adults’. Adolescents are more likely to experience relationship violence, to think it’s okay, and have it normalised by peers they seek help from. Our focus group research is exploring how adolescents understand this important issue providing insights to policy makers, schools and support organisations to improve support and education.

 We offer a number of options for how your support of this research could contribute back to school life (see PowerPoint). If interested in taking part contact me. Emily Robson

Welcome to the Public Health Resource Centre in Leeds!

We are a health promotion library that can offer support with your work. You can use our website as a tool in supporting your health and wellbeing work. Please visit  for information on: -

  • Public health topics, campaigns, and training  - click here for information about the next event
  • Models and resources available to loan
  • Free leaflets and posters
  • Evidence based searches

Our most popular topic areas covered by PHRC, but not limited to are:

  • Mental Health
  • Internet Safety / CSE
  • Healthy Eating
  • Substance Misuse
  • Physical Activity

We can be found on Twitter and Facebook.  Follow @PHRCLeeds, and ‘Like’ us on Facebook at to be the first to hear about current news from the PHRC, our events, campaigns and more.

For more information on the Public Health Resource Centre please contact the team on 0113 22 43174 or email or drop in for a visit to see what we’re all about! We look forward to meeting you!

Children’s Asthma Project – NHS Leeds West CCG

Asthma is a long term condition affecting around 1 in 10 children . If not treated effectively asthma can have a huge impact on a child’s life, such as;

  • Night time waking
  • Unable to participate in activities
  • Poor health
  • Admissions to hospital

There will be a new training package available as of September 2015, to be delivered by School Nurses in Leeds. Please request this training from your School Nurse. This training will ensure staff can support children with Asthma in schools, recognise worsening symptoms, how to manage them and how to deal with an asthma attack.

Please see below, the new Guidelines which advise schools purchase emergency salbutamol inhalers, for cases where children have lost, forgotten or have empty inhalers. This measure can prevent parents from having to be called into schools and prevent an emergency situation occurring, due to not having treatment readily available.

For more information please contact Laura Brooker, Clinical Lead Children’s Asthma, NHS Leeds West CCG, Email:, Website:

 Basis Training and Education:

Basis Training & Education provides Training, Research and Awareness Raising on social issues, including child sexual exploitation. We deliver training to teachers and other professionals in Leeds and around England and offer CSE awareness sessions in secondary schools (and, as of Sep. 2016, in Year 5 & 6 in primary schools). Basis is a social enterprise set up by the charity Genesis Leeds- our training and school workshops are delivered by experienced CSE practitioners who provide specialist one to one interventions with young people at risk of or experiencing CSE for the charity. Any income generated goes towards the charity. Basis Training also developed and sells the DVD Sick Party  which tells the real life story of a young girl that was sexually exploited. We are currently finalizing another DVD  "Is it Normal" aimed at facilitating dialogue with young people about pornography (available by end June 2015).

Please click here for details of the next network meeting: 

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