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Child Measurement Programme

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Child Measurement Programme

Each year the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) measures the height and weight of state school children in Reception and Year 6 to calculate their BMI. This latest report which comprises of over one million valid measurements presents the key findings from the school year 2013-14 and compares the data with 2012-13 and earlier years, where appropriate.

Key findings

  • In Reception, 22.5% of children were overweight (OW) or obese (OB). 9.5% of these were OB. These rates are higher than in 2012/13, but lower than 2006/07.
  • In Year 6, 33.5% of children were OW/OB and 19.1% of these were OB. Once again, this is higher than 2012/13 but lower than 2006/07.
  • The percentage of OB children in Year 6 (19.1%) was over double that of children in Reception (9.5%).
  • Obesity prevalence was approximately double in children attending schools in the most deprived decile compared to the least deprived decile for both Reception and Year 6.
  • The prevalence of obesity was higher among boys than girls in both school years.

The NCMP provides useful data to inform national policy and local planning and commissioning of services. It also raises the issue of childhood obesity to parents and increases awareness of their own child’s weight status.

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